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Supreme Master Television

Supreme Master Television is our favorite television station in the world. It is not just a show, but a whole station, which plays a 6 hour show that repeats 4 times per day, and is available to view free all over the world, in every contry via free to air satellites, or the internet via streaming broadcast.

The show airs only positive, environmental, spiritual and constructive shows, which include the news each day and a range of other programs including:

  A Journey through Aesthetic Realms
  Between Master and Disciples
  Animal World
  Enlightening Entertainment
  Noteworthy News
  Science and Spirituality
  The World Around Us
  Good People Good Works
  Planet Earth: Our Loving Home
  Healthy Living
  Our Noble Lineage
  Music and Poetry
  Cinema Scene
  Models of Success
  Words of Wisdom
  Golden Age Technology
  Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living
  Vegetarian Elite

The quality of the programming is impeccable, and the shows are extremely interesting and make excellent viewing for people of all ages, especially people concerned about the environment and global warming.

The creator of the program is The Supreme Master Ching Hai, an enlightened Master, who was born in Au Lac (or Vietnam) and now teaches the Quan Yin method of meditation throughout the world. The meditation involves contemplation on the inner Light and Sound, which is referred to in the bible and other various scriptures as the inner manifestation of God.