Global Warming Truth

Global Warming Truth

In recent years the environmental/global warming revolution has accelerated with great speed, being spurred by the degredation of the planets environment and the massive increase of the earths greenhouse gas emissions.

These problems have been largely due to the inefficient development of the industrial revolution and the large increase in population, which brought with it a shift from small scale subsistence based farming to large scale factory type farming methods to cater for the peoples increasing appetite for animal based food.

One hundred years ago most people grew their own food and ate very little meat in comparison to today's diet which consists of large quantities of meat everyday. And the results have been devastating to the ecology of the planet. Today we raise and kill around 55 billion livestock each year, which is one of the top three greenhouse gas producers and polluters. And while almost 1 billion people are starving, we are feeding about 40% of the worlds grain to livestock, which gives back only around 10% by weight in the form of animal flesh (ref). If we could just stop feeding the animals and eat the grains directly ourselves and the planet would actually have a huge surplus of food.

The graph below shows the ecological footprint of a meat based diet compared to a vegan based diet, flying, driving a car and using public transport. The meat based diet is by far the most damaging on the environment.

Global Warming Chart - Ecological Footprint

But in today's world that is dictated by money and power, looking after the poorer people and the environment has been sidelined in pursuit of ever increasing profits, over indulgence and as a result, ill-health.

But this unsustainable path that the planet is on has been noticed by many people, and has has spurred a new revolution. Even the Ex-Vice President of the United States, Al Gore made a movie called 'An Inconvenient Truth', which was about global warming.

One of the fastest growing trends that has emerged in recent years is the vegetarian or vegan diet, which not ony addresses the health problems of the meat based diet, but also allows individuals to dramatically reduce their own carbon emissions and help to stop global warming and global famine all at the same time, all as easy as replacing the meat on their plate with a vegetable based protein source.

The motor industry has also come alive with the development of a new breed of cars called hybrid cars. Cars are being created to run on everything from pressurized air, to solar panels, hydrogen fuel cells and more. The worlds largest car manufacturer has developed a car called the Prius, which uses a combination of an electric and petrol motor to power the car, and achieving much better economy than ever thought possible.

Global warming is starting to extend into every facet of our lives, as architects design more eco-friendly houses, engineers create more efficient machines and devices, governments are investing billions into renewable energy to move away from fossil fuels, and even people themselves and changing their own eating and living habits in an attempt to reduce their own carbon emissions.

We hope that this new revolution will gather more speed, and more people and governments will do whatever they can to change their living and eating habits to reverse the damage that has already been done to the precious planet.

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