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The Arctic Becomes an Island Due to Global Warming


For the first time in human history the Arctic has become an island due to the effects of global warming, scientists recently announced.

The ice is melting at a record rate, and is already below the 2005 record low and may even melt more than the 2007 point, which was the smallest the arctic ice has been in human history.

Images from NASA satellites, put together by scientists at the University of Bremen, display that the Northwest Passage around Canada and Northeast Passage around Russia are both now free of ice for the first time in at least 125,000 years, making it possible to sail all the way around the North Pole in a vessel.

This alarming finding should come as a serious concern to governments around the world, as the arctic ice is fundamentally important in the process of cooling the earth, as Al Gore  pointed out in his move 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Without it there has been predictions that England could become frozen and worldwide weather patterns could be dramatically altered. Although no-one really knows what effect it could have.

The Arctic plays the role of reflecting the suns heat back away from the planet and also cooling the oceans currents. If the ice melts, the suns heat will be absorbed by the darker colored oceans thus further increasing the heating of the planet.

Some scientists have also discovered that earthquake activity is related to the warming of the planet, as the gases and liquids inside the earth warm, their pressure increases, thus causing earthquakes.

Arctic Sea Ice Melt